About US

About US
About US

In short, our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all coffee and tea lovers. We
believe that by expanding our audience and appealing to different groups, we can achieve this
and become a destination that everyone can enjoy.

Our Mission
Our Mission

The mission of Fevagrass is to freely share our team and farmers' expertise and convey to life moments of tasting, which bring different cultures, traditions, and tastes closer to each other.

Our vision
Our vision

Fevagrass's vision is to travel the world and source the best product from agriculturists and local farmers.

Our Processes
Our Processes
  • We visit different origins encompassing Rwanda, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Tanzania,
    and Costa Rica.
  • In these regions, we gather the best quality hand-picked tea leaves and coffee beans from
    local agriculturalists.
  • Beans have chosen to give you the best possible flavor with sensations.
  • Our beans and tea leaves are carefully selected from the best origins by our master roaster. Each brew is unique in flavor, texture, and roasting. Our freshly roasted ground
    is a must for all true hot beverage lovers.

Crafted with Passion,
From Farm to Cup.


A company named fevagrass that encourages the hard work of farmers throughout the globe who harvest and hand-pick the best organic product for your morning coffee or teacup. We choose our coffees from the best origins in the world. Nothing beats the quality of freshly ground tea or coffee. The aroma can flatter you with its sometimes fruity, flowery, chocolaty flavors.


At Fevagrass, we believe Tea and Coffee are a source to express and unite different origins, cultures, traditions, tastes, methods, places, and times. Promotes sharing, brings people together, and unleashes their potential. We introduced high-end organic items in the hot beverages sector, which has a single goal: to offer customers QUALITY products at the best price.


The Founder of Fevagrass, a passionate traveler who travels browsing 15 origins to explore the local farmers who farm the best organic coffee beans and tea leaves with premium taste uncovering Brazil, Jamaica, Kenya, and many more. Our Company's originator found wellroasted coffee beans and finely grounded tea with sensational flavors and aromas.


Once on the eve of Valentine, he served his discovered and grounded organic teas and coffee range to his family and friends. The appreciation and everyone's smiles after tasting inspire him to provide you with a wide range of premium quality tastes at affordable prices.


The priority of our expert team is the freshness of our products, which is why we roast all our batches in small ovens to maximize the aromas of your favorite cup and offer you a unique experience with each sip. For this reason, we ensure fast delivery to all our customers.



Barista Schools & Careers

We host courses covering everything from simple home brewing techniques to advanced latte art to allow you to learn the essential life skill of how to make truly great coffee.